Reflective Journal


IMG_0242.JPG.1.jpg.1I found a place in the school building to shoot this photo. I put my head deep into the shelf to show the status of me exploring new things in new school, which is an exaggerated action. I asked my desk mate to took this photo in this angle for me.

The lighting was bright enough for showing the details in the picture, but the structure of the photo is not very satisfying. The door didn't need to be inside the image, which appears in the photo because I didn't asked my desk mate to avoid that. I wonder if I can shoot the photo in a different angle and do the experiment again.


Final Adjust

I reshoot the image with another angle and adjust the camera to control the lighting, and I get this final portrait. At first, the logo was in the image, but teacher advice me that the logo of studio might become a distraction in the image. I thought about it twice and agreed with her, so I crop the image to make changes. The final effect was satisfactory for me, because I think the tone shows the mood I want, which is thick and calm. The position of me bury my head into the sink express thirst of exploring well, which represent my status now in new college.jpg.jpg.1

15/06/2018 Reflective Review

I want to improve my efficiency at work and make a better time management in Foundation Plus. This problem seems not so important, but it does cause huge damage when I can't finish my work on time with high quality which can meet my standard of "doing well". There are always changes or improvement that could be done to my work which I given up just because of bad time management.

One of the reason of this matter is I hardly sleep well at night and always feel tired in the day time, so I decided to start from controlling my sleeping time. This has to be done in long terms or it won't work. For the short term, I want to get up an hour earlier to do the work I haven't done in the last day, and sleep earlier to make sure I get enough rest. This method will be tested in the next two weeks, and I'll change it if it is not working for my situation.

20/06/2018 Reflective Review


I made two sketches for the final idea of using honeycomb structure into a house of human, and I decided to use the first one because I like its simple shape with no interruption like small man and ladders in the second one. The meaning from second one became too direct and I don't like its childish atmosphere. After these sketches, I start to make a real draft model in the workshop. I considered about the material and found that wood is the easiest one to create shapes with, so I made the first model with workshop tutor's help.


After this practice of experiment, I tried out several positions that I can put with these hexagons, and I found that the shape in my first sketch is the best one in visual effect, because the structure of it is more balanced than other sketches. I'm still thinking about the negative spaces I may use in these hexagon, should I fill them up with more elements or leave them empty for better structure?  I decide to do several sketches about it.

Practise Writing of Reflective Journal

I did some sketches for experiments in this morning for the project, most of them are developed from the shape of honeycomb, others with structure of houses. I tried to add different structure of houses such as pipes and stairs into the honeycomb shape structure, and I found this idea suitable for expressing my idea about "people build up their place for living like bees.", which is a good directions of developing more ideas. IMG_0472.JPG.1

However, the visual effect in these sketches are not good enough to meet my expectations. The structure of pipes seemed unsuitable to fit into the structure of honeycomb building sculpture. The stairs' shape needs more adaptation to create balance image too. I decided to consider the idea again in my following move in this projects. Are they necessary for this idea? Will it be too complex in visual which makes the work become messy?


Today is the new project briefing day. We are asked to find out interesting part in the newspaper and gain inspiration from it. Reading the text is very time consuming as there are too much articles in the newspaper, these are the three picture I select from the newspaper.

I found it interesting to see these image independently by remove their article related. Without the explanation from the title or text, the image could be given a brand new meaning by looking at it in a different angle. I decided to play with this idea and start to make some practice with words, which is one of the method I can use in the list. 



Actual:  A celebrity in public

A new angle : Oreo Advertisement


Actual: Journalist trying to get a good photo of the man inside

A new angle: Old to new, Large to small, Camera Show 2018


Actual: a staff in museum doing maintenance of a sculpture

A new angle: a performance artist putting up his hard makeup


This experiments gives me a lots of inspiration, and it's a very playful and humorous experiment for me. For the development, I need to consider the expression, the layout of this idea. In my imagination, using the most formal typo would be a good choice to create the atmosphere of "serious joke".

At the same time, I have to develop other relevant ideas to create other handmade work. Having different angles of seeing things might be a good start because I think this is a easy one for a start of an unfamiliar area. I decide to do some sketches for my first handcraft with this idea.

Feedback from tutorial


-develop ideas further

-try out more ways of making a outcome

-consider more techniques and possible elements could be used

Feedback from progress tutorial

03/07/2018 Reflection after progression tutorial

Today I have my progression tutorial with Emma about the project and work I've done since the start of the foundation plus. I received a lot of useful feedback from this talk. 

For the first portrait project, we didn't talk much because it's a very rough one and it's just a quick start, and the tutor thinks the photo might leads to different understanding from the viewer's point. I think this is something I need to consider more in the work next, because a successful piece of work should convey correct message from creators, or the whole expression become useless. I decided to try to see things from audiences' angle in the project coming, think about what they might think of the piece or the project.

The second project was Celebrating Archway and tutor told me that she thinks I've got nice concepts for this project. The thoughts came out from the honeycomb shape was excellent, which proved that I'm a very observant person. However, in that project, I made model experiments for the project with wood boards but I didn't took good photos with a angle that can show the structure clearly. Tutor thought that the complete photo of model could be a part of my final and make the visual effect become clearer to the audience, and I think she's right. It's a kind of waste if I did some sort of handcraft experiment but didn't use them cleverly. I need to improve my skills of using the things I've done in my sketchbook and outcome presentation, start from reshooting the photo of that wooden model and put it into the sketchbook.

05/07/18 reflective journal

Today is the start of the new drawing project, and I'm in the athletic drawing group. Tutor leads us to explore into many different ways of drawing such as drawing with both hands at the same time and draw with eyes closed. I tried many methods as experiments to see if I can gain some ideas through the process.

The largest drawing I made in this period is the one "draw high", which means I stretch my body to draw on a paper hanging on the ceiling. It's very hard to control the lines to create accurate shape with this position, so I have to draw with rough lines and remove most of the details. I find it very interesting to use only several lines to give out a shape of object, because the silhouette of the object could become abstract after remove the details, which gives out pure beauty of the shape and structure without distraction.


I'm thinking about using this method of drawing silhouettes to do more experiments and develop my idea from it, because removing details and make things become abstract sounds like a very interesting concept for me. 

Drawing with both hands

Download Drawing with both hands.mp4 [14.72MB]

14/07/2018 Reflective Journal

Still a day in workshop and we are developing experiments with sketches we made before.

The Idea of this project comes from "Chinese Dream" series. After the group discussion, we start to think of making a cage around the body to show the control of birth on woman. We considered about several different kinds of material, including plastic, acrylic boards, metal wire and wood. Finally we chose metal as the material because it's the most flexible material in these options, which made the process of creating shape of cages easier. 


We made a first draft like this and let one of our group member Siqi wear it. The shape of cages was formed and it was recognizable, however, the wire was too thin and the visual effect wasn't impressive enough. The silhouette isn't obvious enough on the body, so we decided to make some changes to it. We researched on some artist and decided to use some of the effects from their work.


We started to create this kind of messy wire wrap around the cage bones. This made the surface of cages rough and it might hurt the skin of the person who wear it, which can represent the damage birth-control can made to woman. A cage can hurt people and control people was what we want. The final effect was quite satisfactory as it does express the concept very well and the visual effect become much more impressive than cage bones only. The wire wrap gives out a neat-messy atmosphere and I like it. Because this project is a black-and-white project, we have to paint everything into black and white. After a discussion, we decide to paint it white as model will wear black dress for photo shooting. We are thinking about using spray paint as it can put color on a large surface very quickly and evenly. Another problem is we have to find a way to keep this wearable piece on the model's body without letting it fall down. I'm thinking about strings hanging on the shoulder or clips on the wrist. Need more experiment.

Part 2 Reflective Review

The co-create project is finished. In this project, the most enjoyable part is making the final outcome with team members, because I really enjoy making things out with my own hand. When a group of people work together, the efficiency was highly increased, and I love seeing this installation being done quickly with all of us involved in process. There are difficulties, such as we have a little rough discussion with the concept and the theme of the project. I was thinking about making the project into a specific one expressing about situation of birth control in China, but my group members thought that the theme could be wider than that, because birth freedom is the right of every woman.We discussed a lot and decided to make the theme wider, as it there will be more aspects for expanding the project.

One of the important thing I learnt from my partners is the special way of thinking in different discipline. The member who study creative direction in fashion would connect the theme of birth control immediately with wearable pieces and a show to make a call about this problem. The graphic branding student would think of using this as a theme to do advertisement and use this installation as a scene. These are things I seldom think of as a fine art student.

Celebrating Archway project was really a useful project to help me get closer to the local culture.  The Archway is a place mainly with traditional buildings and there are very old business hiding in the corner, which is not only a business, but also a symbol of Archway culture.

I didn't get to do PechaKucha presentation because of illness.

I found that I'm always playing with people's realization and reality in my project, such as in celebrating archway, I use beehives as the realization of the houses in people's mind, and combined it with real house structure to create a final outcome. In the drawing project, I was questioning the boundary between unrecognizable and recognizable thing and  how people read the message from shape. 

For independent working, I think I was working in a rather efficient way, comparing to the efficiency when I'm having cooperation with other people. Working with other people means more ideas and more problem solving at the same time. Though the time management of mine isn't perfect enough, things have worked much better than the beginning when I was always spending too much time on thinking but doing very few works. Now I set targets for myself so it is much clearer.


First day of foundation plus. With the first project of creating self- portrait, I wanted to show things about me exploring new things in new school life, and I start with the first experiment with the keyword  "body language". I used myself as the model and tried to imitate the situation when I'm talking to an unfamiliar people. It's a gesture of doing self-protection and receiving message at the same time. I want to put a point on the human figure, so I decide to use pure color background. I found a white wall and asked my desk mate to take this photo for me.

The outcome is not satisfactory. Without any figure in background, the meaning of this gesture and facial expression became confusing. The white background makes the whole picture boring and the lighting didn't help with facial expression either. The face part was covered with shadow and I didn't want that effect in my plan, which means I lack consideration about lighting. Using a more exaggerated pose might help with expressing the certain emotion, so I decided to have a try on both problems.IMG_9413.JPG.2.jpg.1



I took this picture in a hurry with help from my desk mate because the time was almost up. The idea of bury my head into the sink and show the idea of "too much curiosity" was quite interesting in my point of view. I was looking into a sink closely with actually nothing in it. The lighting in this image create some contrast with shadow, but the contrast isn't enough. The structure of the image is not very balanced, which needs more consideration. Changing the angle of shooting the photo might help with controlling the structure. At the same time, I want to try more possibilities in the tone of photo, which can change the mood and make my expression more accurate.

18/6/2018 Reflective Journal: Celebrating Archway


I researched on my site, the Chris Stevens on the internet first, and found some basic information about the business. After that I went to the shop by myself and do several sketches about the things I see. I noticed that Chris Stevens is using a special way to display their samples of ceramic tiles and flooring texture. They used honeycomb shape blocks to do it, and this gives me inspiration in connecting beehives to the site.




These sketches are descriptive to the things I've seen, but I have to do more development to use them in a piece of work. 2D shape might be not expressive enough because it is flat, and I start to think of applying this structure into 3D object. Beehives makes me think of people in Archway work hard for living and build up their own place like bees, and they would buy materials from Chris Stevens as it's a trusted old business. The idea is to connect houses of people and bee hive together, and I decide to create some sketches and see if I can adapt the shape of honeycomb into a building-like structure.



 I drew a few blocks of hexagon shape to see the effect, the structure is not delicate enough, but it does leads to the thoughts about beehives for audience. I decided to pick up a part of the honeycomb and make the shape balanced in visual effect in my next sketches, and make out a model in reality to see if it works.

22/06/2018 Reflective Review

For the final outcome, I decided to do the visual image with collage because the outcome produced will be editable. After the sketches and experiment I've done so far, I chose this structure of honeycomb blocks as the shape of it create more balance and beauty than other choices. Also, I've done some research about the material in each part of the house, and applied them to the structure of the honeycomb.


I made this image successfully as it can show the idea and what texture and structure I want to use in every part of the sculpture. However, the collage isn't refine into a complete visual impression image, such as the roof part of the structure, I didn't take care on the direction of it. In this final outcome, I gave up on the idea of negative spaces, but I still feel like using it for something else. If there is further development, I think I'll mainly work on refine the image and consider negative spaces.

26/06/2018 Reflective Review

After reading the newspaper, I found it interesting to remove the original meaning of the photos for those articles, and I decided to make some experiments to play with this idea or similar concept. I made a wood piece with meaningless shape (several wood piece put together randomly), and decide to let the audience gives it a meaning. When people are looking at a piece, they would think it's a work from a artist and there should be some kind of deep concept inside. In fact, I didn't mean to express anything through that, and hope to use that difference in people's realization as the main concept. IMG_0397.JPG.2


I got several classmates to guess the idea of this wood piece, and get some feedback from them. One of them said it's like a statue for remembering someone, and another said it makes she think of tombstone. 
There's other answers such as toys for children. I think this experiment is successful with so much different thoughts that people would get in it. I wanted to try to put this piece in more different place to give it more meanings as the next experiment.


a classmate using it as a muscle relaxation.

27/06/18 Reflective Journal

Today I went to plastic workshop and start to do experiment with vacuum modeling. I wanted to make a piece of model that looks like a landscape in shape, but actually being build up by other things inside the plastic pieces to form model. I found some scrap piece of wood in the workshop and some cloth pieces, and tried to put them together and make it look like two buildings on a hill. 




After creating this piece of plastic model, I found that though the shape of it was close to buildings and landscape, but the texture formed around the piece was ugly. This can't be avoid if I'm using vacuum techniques, so I decide to make another model with it in plaster material.


This is the final piece I got from this experiment. I named it as "a sculpture of a piece of landscape, or of scrap wood and cloth pieces." The inspiration of naming comes from Marcel Duchamp. I think this pieces can express my idea of looking at things in a different angle playfully, which fits into my concept pretty well. However, the details of the sculpture wasn't enough, the rough edges of the piece somehow breaks the atmosphere. For further development, maybe I should focus on creating details of landscape with scrap pieces more carefully. 

12/07/18 Reflection of library session

In this library session, we are taught about skills we can use in searching for the information we need by using keywords in the e-library system. We were give several paper cut art piece and tutor asked us to gain ideas from it. The spread paper cut made me think of the dress of ballerina and sunflowers. Tutor said that the keyword should be specific which can guide to the correct direction in searching system, and I think these two words are specific enough.

I realized that I always connect things together with similar shapes, even if the essence of them are very different. At the same time, I put less attention on the thing itself, for example I wasn't interested in paper art when I saw those paper-cut sculpture. I'm proud of my imagination, but still I think I should force myself to spend some time on the part I'm not so interested in my research, because this helps me think in more different angles and inspiration may come anytime in the process.

There's another thing I want to write about is my time management improvement. I started to control myself and go to bed before 12 for nearly a week, and I feel more energetic than before. In the vacation I've got nothing to do, and I would let myself sleep late and get up late, which cause serious sleeping problem. During these weeks, I found that irregular timetable of sleeping isn't the only cause of making a person feel tired. People really would feel tired if they really got nothing to do, even if they weren't using any strength. Getting bored=lose strength of start working. I think I should get something to do when there's no homework, no matter it is going for a walk or reading books the library.

13/07/18 Reflective Journal

The main theme of this project was about birth freedom of woman. Our group decided to make a cage around the body to show the status of "babies" being held inside and controlled. Then I start to think of ways to make those "babies" for the whole installation piece.

The thought was making embryos like balls to represent this idea. To create the visual effect of embryo inside the uterus, I try to find a suitable technique to make models of irregular balls which might fit my requirements for that expression. At first I tried newspaper and wrap them into balls with tape, but the texture on the surface was too rough with angles of folded paper, and it was hard to put paint on them without destroying their shape, so I had to find another method.

I didn't want to give up the idea of using newspaper because it's a light material which can be hold safely by the wire cage, so I tried to cover the newspaper ball by plaster to create a better surface effect, and I got the result in the pictures under.



The surface of the embryo balls get much smoother, and looks more like embryos now. The surface gets a kind of creamy effect with soft wrinkle, which looks like the membranes of cells. I'm very satisfied with this visual effect as it really can makes audience think of the cell structure. The cage would be in white color so the embryos were decided to be black, and we were thinking about using spray paint or acrylic paint. I think spray paint will be better, but we still need to see the result in the following experiments.

16/07/18 Reflective Journal

Today is the last day for this co-create project, and we start to put colors on the piece of work we've done previously. We decided to use spray paint to color the cage as the thin wires are too slippery for painting with brush and the details of the corner of twisted wires can't be colored completely with brushes. We do this in the yard of the school and we get a outcome like this.



The colors of iron wire and copper wire were gray and brown, and this is a black-and-white project, so we have to paint it into white colors. We were thinking about making a contrast between the color of cage and the color of embryos, so the embryo balls were then decided to be painted in black and gray colors. We were thinking about using spray paint at first, however we changed our mind because the color painted with brush gets more texture of brushes on the surface, which fits our want of visual effect for a cell. The surface of it shouldn't be perfectly smooth. This is what we got after painting.


The final effect was quite satisfying, because we controlled the concentration of black color in each embryos, to show that they are different embryos which could have grown into different people. The concept was well expressed through this visual effect. 

The last thing we need to do is to put the piece of work and the balls together and see how it works on the human body.